Laurel Aitken - Deliverance Will Come

Life is really rough
Life is really rough and tough
But me nah give up
Me still a fight for me right
Because I know one day, deliverance will come

Everywhere I go people call me the Sufferer
But you no understand
When I suffer fe long
Because, deliverance will come


I wonder what's wrong with coloured people
Dem bad minded 'pon one another
Dem sit down 'pon dem bottom
Dem watch and peep you
Dem sususu, dem crucify you
Dem know the whole a your business
And dem nah do fe dem busines
A go mek dem badmind 'mongst dem one another like that

Life rough and tough
But me nah give up
Because I know, deliverance will come

Back biters!

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