Kranium - Interlude

Yo Kranium!
Chi-ching ching ching!
I'm the chainsaw man
Watch eh wiyah, watch eh wiyah
Way up!
Yo Kranium
A hear dem been talkin
A hear they wonderin' how we live
Word on the streets
Dem a pree the lifestyle
An' a try check yuh history
An' yuh profile
Seeing if it's up to standard
But we jus' a spread a little love
To the real people dem
An' mek sure seh nubody
Nuh 'ave the power fe draw yuh out
No rumours can spoil your life
Your life deh way up an' a stay up
From night time till day up
Chi-ching, ching, ching!
Kick out!
Far out!

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