Kiddus I - Graduation In Zion

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No it won't be too long now
No it won't be too long
All of the sufferings
And wrong soon will be right
Oh yes, yeah, yeah

Keep the faith my brothers and sisters
It's the cross that you bear
And fear not, saith Jah Lord
Whatsoever, ever, ever man soweth
They all will reap, the fruits of their labours
Yes they will, in the end
Exodus 23:16; Galatians 6:7-8

Oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah

So, seek ye good and not evil
Amos 5:14

Ooh, I beg you, my brethren
And cheer up, cheer up, cheer up
Cheer up, cheer, yeah

Now all folly workers now beware
Philippians 3:2

Ease my cry
Less the wrath you call down on yourselves
Be too dread for even you, to bear
Oh yeah, yeah, oh oh yeah, yeah


As the way is of the Lion, is death with Babylon
And the gift of Jah, eternal life in Zion
Romans 6:23

Oh yeah, yes, oh yes, yeah, oh yes..

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