Ken Boothe - Your Feeling And Mine

I hurt your feelings
And you hurt mine, yeah
But I still love you
More than anything in this world
Your feeling and mine

You got me crying, girl, yeah
I'm going blind, girl, yeah
I'm going up, down, down, up
Losin' weight by the ton
Yes, it is, oh

There is my love, take it all, girl
There is my heart, take it all, girl
There is my lips, kiss them again, girl
And baby, your feeling and mine
Will never be hurt again, no
Got to, yeah


So let's get clever, yeah
And get together, yeah
And baby, where you go, I go, you stay, I stay
Everything be just great
Yes, it is your feeling and mine

I hurt your feelings
You hurt mine
We've got to stop this thing going
Make love to each other
We've got to love one another

We've got to love
We've got to love
We've got to do everything
To love one another

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