Junior Murvin & Upsetters - Closer Together

Let's be closer together
Closer together, oh yes

In my hometown lived a quiet girl
Together we were meant to be
We were just good friends
Something deep within
My heart keeps on tellin' me

Be closer together
'Cause we must love one another
Be closer together
'Cause we must love one another

For the first time I
Looked in to her eyes
It wasn't too long before I realized
She was sincere and true
She said 'I love you'
And at last my heart was tellin' me

Be closer together
'Cause we must love one another
Be closer together
'Cause we must love one another

Let's be closer together
Like birds of one feather, feather, ooh yeah
We've got to be closer, closer
Together, ah ha oh yes

See, hmmm, gypsy
Gypsy, hmmm-hmmm, hmmm, gypsy

From nowhere through a caravan
Around the campfire light
A lovely woman in motion
With hair as dark as night
Her eyes were like that of a cat in the dark
That hypnotized me with love

She was a gypsy woman
She was a sexy woman

She danced around and round to a guitar melody
From the fire her face was all aglow
How she enchanted me
Oh, how I'd like to hold her near
And kiss and forever whisper in her ear

Gypsy woman, sexy woman

All through the caravan
She was dancing with all the men
Waiting for the rising sun
Everyone was having fun
I hate to see the lady go
Knowing she'll never know
That I love her, I love her

Sexy woman
Gypsy, gypsy, gypsy, gypsy, gypsy woman
Gypsy, gypsy, I love you, I love you..


This song consists actually of two songs, 'Closer Together' and 'Gypsy Woman'. Both songs are covers released in 1977. 'Closer Together' was originally recorded by soul group The Impressions and was first released in 1963 and 'Gypsy Woman' was also recorded by the Impressions and was first released in 1961.

Although the fact that this 12" consists of those two separate songs, 'Gypsy Woman' is not credited anywhere.

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