Julian Marley - Oh Girl (ft. Mr. Cheeks)

Well, this one, you know, is one of those kinda ones, you know
You sometimes, you sometimes dream about, you know what I mean? Yeah
I just wanted to let you know
You mean everything to me, yeah
You know what I mean?

Oh girl
Ooh, I wanna have a talk with you
Just to let you know
How I feel

[Verse 1]
You make me feel
Like I am, higher than the skies
But I gotta be true to myself
Keep my feet on solid ground
You know just what, what you mean to me
If you don't know, baby, you're my destiny
Where I wanna be, is close to you
I'm just asking for a minute
So I can vibe with you

Girl, girl, ooh
I wanna have a ball with you
Wanna let you know
Just how I feel

[Verse 2: Mr. Cheeks]
You know what I told her too
Yeah, listen
Me and honey on the dancefloor dancing
End the night off with a little romancing
I love the way you move to the music
Trying to keep my cool, but I'm about to lose it
The way you push your body all on me
You're making me more horny
You got a jam rock, jammming on top of a mountain
And of course I'm drinking from a fountain
The red wine, now this is me
Cash in some green, it ain't the same routine
I love the time I spend with my lady friend
Take naps, then we wake up and do something else again
Like, take a cruise, scuba-diving, jet-skiing
I'm glad when you opened up, you let me in
Besides you look so beautiful human being
And we standing on the balcony, you seeing what I'm seeing from here?

Yeah, yeah, yeah
You picked me up
When I was feeling down
Got me what I needed in times of trouble

So girl
I wanna have a ball with you
Wanna let you know
Just how I feel, how I feel
Oh girl
I wanna have a ball with you
I wanna let you know
Just how I feel...

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