Jimmy Cliff - My Ancestors

My ancestors, were kings of old
They ruled the world and all of its gold
But look at me - oh, look at me, just look at me

My ancestors would find the sun
Before they bowed down, to anyone
But you gonna look at me
Whoah-o-oh-oh, oh, look at me, just look at me
Yeah, whoah-o-oh-oh, look at me

I'm a stranger in this land
Watch me stand tall
Help me, help me be just a man, oh

Oh, my ancestors - they were mighty men
And my son, he will be one of them
And they'll just look at him
Yeah, they'll look at him
And they'll say, he's a man, he's a man
My son's a man, oh!

My ancestors - they passed it on to me
I've got to, got to work
And pass it on to my son
And he will be a man, oh yeah
And pass it on to his son
And he will be a man, oh yes he will

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