Jesse Royal - Jah Will See Us Through

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Jah, Jah
Jah, Jah, Jah
Jah, Jah, Jah
Jah will see us through

Have faith as small as a mustard seed
Matthew 17:20; Luke 17:6

Can change a lot, all that you need
But you must know, oh, oh, not just believe
That Jah gon' see us through
Hey, count Jah blessings, so you'll be counting
Learn from your lessons and stop your pouting
Gonna feel it more-or-or, than just your senses
Remember Jah gon' see us through
Live day by day, as I would say
Give thanks and praise, in some way
Unafraid, can't pay ounce a day
Just 'member Jah gon' see us through

Well, the road man a trod so
Treacherous, still we nah be get popular and get nervous
In the power of love and faith we trust
Haile guide over us
Don't change gear if you don't sink clutch
Your wheel a go wubble without the right love
Can't say you're ready and still a hold grudge
We that's we connect, from you live up inna love
Let bygones be bygones, time can't be bought
Wasting it always, add up to nought
Repair your heart and channel your thoughts
Siblings some fight, already got fought
Overstanding is all we need
To really see what's in front a we
Jah will never give you more than you can bear
You hear?

Go tell Mama, go tell Papa
Go tell my sisters and my brothers
Go tell my nieces and all my nephews
That Jah gon' see us through


Do-don't bring strife, hurricane bring rain
When weather can silence pain
If the sky work with personal views
Would sunshine for me or rainfall for you?
Nothing lasts forever, including sorrow
Today was yesterday's tomorrow
Good in bad, bad in good
Am I overstood? Uh!
Plans ain't working, news absurd
Always heard from the angle of skirting
Giving it your all, but you still fall short
Count yourself on top, but you still got caught
Mickle make a muckle, but hunger a wrath
I feel your pain, don't get distraught
Losing, don't mean say you're lost
Brush it off... brush it off, brush it off

Yeah, you know
In the struggle a life, you know... yeah
I want you know, say
From you stick to the right, you cyaan get lef', you know?
Jah no dead, Jah no dead

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