Jahvillani - Don't Rush

Fully fully fully Covid
Covetously Covid

Big gun (yeah), man buss (rifle)
Middle East, say we a Damascus
Man a gad from me a one plus
A we a dweet rest a dem a mascot (fool)
White rum (hmm) inna me cup
High grade so a loud me deh puff
Hey gyal, turn 'round for the fuck (turn 'round)
Then me bruk inna your mouth an' cut
Me a fuck black gyal, white gyal, Asian crotch
Done tell you me heart nah no vacant spot (none)
Wood inna your mouth gyal a bare backshot (backa)
Me no nyam meat like fake Rasta (you mad)
Weh me bad Clarks weh me wear chop top
Money 'pon the line every day chop chop (chop)
Spaceship pull up a the aliens that (vrrom)
We a place ganja, bar long strap
Bare fat shot to your face (bap, bap)
From you feel say you cyaan violate gangsta (duppy bat)
AK play middle day rapture
Stop striker, till he head drop back
Me get to the point like a decimal
Upper echelon higher than the whole a epicon (high)
So me guy to work like a petition
Glock 21 full up bwoy head a chemical
Too sick fi do medical, weh you say me dan
Skellington with the 'pon full a position
Rose Heights mek man head fly like American
Modern Warfare, 1 Gov edition
We cold hearted
The chrome 40 a breathe post mortem
No stone nah fling yo a lone carnage
The cobalt tin buss bone and rib, buss focal string
Lef' your dome parted (buss head)
Me pitch you down inna the road crosses (boof)
A so the Govament roll brawling
Rifle buss out like house party
Mek him know starting, but a ghost walking
Fi we badness wild
You cyaan style god with your plastic smile
Me hear say him 'round deh a brandish 9
So me pull up with mine an' cramp him style
Weh me do, point him forehead inna him eye
Him never see the light like Frankenstein
Top bangs left bwoy 'pon the banking side
Dem cyaan diss the thugs from [?] side

Covid inna dem head top
Covid, covetous, Covid
Big gun man buss (yeah)
Bug up every hot gyal and thugs (from weh)
From Utech UWI campus (a woh)
A 1 Govament never 1 plus

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