Jah Stitch - African People (3 In 1)

Now three in one and one in three, as I would say
Featuring Africa Zion and Ethiopia, as I would tell you say
This is the alphabetical order of my musical introduction
Featuring Africa Zion and Ethiopia

Good Gosh!

Dealing with Africa first
A is for Africa, the land of our birth as I would say
F is for our great Forefathers who have passed away
But we always remember them
R is for the Richness of the African soil as I would say
I is for His Imperial Majesty
That rules supreme over all human bein'
C is for the beautiful Colours of the Emperor throne, yunno
A is for the sincere leaders of Africa
Who laid the foundation as I would say

Yeah.. movin' to Zion, yunno.

Z is for the holy mountain that is so high
I is for the International peace with the Father
That our day lives on earth I would say
O show that we are all One people
On the face of the earth
With the same value or worth
Whether we are wearin' pants or a skirt
As I would say, yeah
N is for the Numerous enemies that try to overcome
The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the conquering
Lion of the tribe of Judah, the elect of God I would say

And now I'm dealing with Ethiopia, where we find
E stands for the Everlasting powers
T stand for Time, because Time is the complete master
And no-one know if it will be peace or disaster, yeah
H is for Home, and no more will we roam or live in Rome, yeah
I is for the everlasting Inspiration he gave unto I and I
O shows that the almighty One is no Ordinary One
In this land, so please know where you stand, yeah
P stand for his Power which covers the whole day and night
I is for the little Infant which he suffers to come unto him
A is for the Ancestors, yunno

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