Jacob Miller - On The Twelve Days Of Ismas

'On the first day of Christmas, my feelings wasn't good
I am brukker than bruk, I don't know what to do in this year
On the second day of Christmas, my belly start to roar
Pickney out a door, and I don't know what to really do

On the third day of Christmas, the rent man start to bawl
Bailiff out a door, and I don't know what to do this year
On the fourth day of Christmas the people whispering
I can't get a privacy and I don't know what to really do

On the fifth day of Christmas, I try and get a work
Sweep out the office, mix likkle coffee
And I just feeling little better now


On the sixth day of Christmas, I get a likkle pay
Money here and ?? 'cause I buy pickney's shoes and clothes
On the seventh day of Christmas I driving through town
Christmas tree a light, Babylon a bite and I end up over central

On the ninth day of Christmas, tings not looking good
Policeman start to beat I up and I don't really do nothing
On the tenth day of Christmas, I start to look alive??
Police man said no bail till next year this time

I know next year this time, things will looking great
'Cause I should a be out to see the twelth day of Christmas
So me smoke up the herb inna central now
Spend the Christmas inside a jail and everybody sing..

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