Israel Vibration - Solomon Bloodline

This lyric contains biblical references. Click here to show the references.

Jah People don't you be contrary
Leviticus 26:21

Jah People don't be trick by mercenaries
Open your eyes a message in the healing
Wake up, be wise, truth is revealing
Jeremiah 33:6

In Ham is known to be the Prophet
Now you telling me say him come from Japhet

Move the devil doctrine
1 Timothy 4:1
the false Jesus
Matthew 24:24; Mark 13:22

King Solomon blood-line in a Ethiopia
History no lie he's the Lion of Judah
Revelation 5:5

Me trod through Jerusalem
Put me hand pon the stone in the sepulchre
Luke 24:2; John 20:1

They couldn't conquer me brain-washing hypocrisy
Them educated criminals blood-sucking vampiresiety

And the trumpet is a trumpeting, say
make way for the positive way

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