Israel Vibration - Pretty Woman

I'm like the ocean, rushing to your shore
Your abundance of sweetness honey, I'll search no more
Try other woman, jealously, war at my door
One thing 'bout a pretty woman, she not insecure

'Cause I'm saying. Pretty woman, look so nice and sweet
Pretty woman; the girl I like to meet

Hey miss cutie-cutie, there's no substitute
I my loneliness, mama say
I need your swet caress

Girl Iya want to know where you get your reason
Telling me that love, love is just a season,
Sound like I am rude it's the way I'm feeling
Girl I'm in this mood waiting for your healing

A telling you something baby, I like your style
Don't say no dumb thing baby, 'cause I'm versatile
Hey! I'm saying I'm the new flavour in the air
Just one more spice make me sweeter
It's your loving my dear
You just set my soul on fire, you are my one desire
Just you be truthful, pure and clean
I want you girl for my Queen

Hey miss good shape girl, pretty face, smooth skin girl
Until we are found, we just can't settle down.

When I see you clear you fit for going steady
Tell me that you care and girl I am ready
You always talk to me, let ypourself reveal real
'Cause you know it's true just how good you would make me
I'm telling you something honey, you are sweeter than oil
My kind a queen-thing baby, so pure and fertile

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