Israel Vibration - Life Is Real

A me man checking out the block
A me man Staying with the flock
You see man gathering the facts
Mister big tree I am the small axe

Apple is my name, the burning flame
Harasing this lion won't make I tame

You see man, they just don't care
More Babylon force
Giuliani swear
War in the street system on the attack
And they targeting me did Solomon say him black.

They give us Columbus and Marco Polo
And fight 'gainst we great Africano.

Life is real. Black people treated differently
Iya feel rejected by society.
A search man find my identity
Reverse man protected by his majesty
I'm saying

Hey, life is real and it's the way I feel.

Hey, you treat I with cruelty
You treat I with impunity
You treat I with partiality
Said I'ma black but I'ma comely

Hey, 'cause I'm the apple of father eye

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