Ini Kamoze - Vibin' 3

I remember 1980, you know wha' I mean, we-, we did deh deh (okay)
When, I really couldn't even come out a my house, standing upright (yeh)
You haffi creep out your house, or, you wouldn't have no head lef' on your body (whoa)
So we know how that go, that is the whole politics thing
We nah really hold no big joy for that neither, seen?
Give thanks and give praise- where it's really at
For the source, for the strength, you know, for the vibration (yeh, yeh)
So regardless of what you hear or how you feel
The vein that run through I and I system is what- that's what it is, is Rastafari
Regardless of what else you- take place, or what we say, tomorrow


Track 7, disc 1

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