I Roy - Sidewalk Killer

Hold up, hold up, hold up, wait!
Jackson? Well what kind of ridge is that?
Well, don't be unhappy.
For, here comes the original copy
of the sounds called: The Sidewalk Doctor.
Step it aside..

Well, tell me that you're froze
An' I'll whisk you Trill in a Bourbon bottle.
All the wise with us (crystals of bomba walk leon).


Right now, as I will tell it to ya.
At this station, these cats need no vacation.
All we got to do is read
The parts of station identification exclusively.

So right now you can feel my vibration,
as you read the design for the young and the old generation.
Musical sound that was created from creation,
as you can hear original soundtrack..
's the Rankin' Rock called The Sidewalk Doctor of the scene.


Baby, be real keen. There'll be no jello-bean.
The scene has not been proper with payback
And proper on anything as I will tell ya.
James Bond of Soul, I'm allergic to Trill...
So you can play by this musical disc if you will-a-will.


Blow daddy, blow. Blow as I tell ya:
Blow daddy, blow like you've never blown before!
Spread out, Jack. Spread out...

Musical sounds of Saint Jago Della Vega - Speedtown.
Soon you got to gather 'round
There'll be no clown as I will tell ya.


Musical sounds to make you swing and sway.
I'm going to tell you this is around until your dying day.
Play, Mr T., play, you know..
Nice, nice, nice.


Play to make them free like a bottle of Trill, I will tell ya..


As I will tell ya, tell ya you got to be happy.
For, this is the original copy..
of the exclusive extraordinary sounds
called The Sidewalk Doctor.

So, if you happen to be passin' down the street, you cats.
The mob will serve and show you got to move your feet.
Musical sounds have to be so neat and complete.


Spread the news!
You can't abuse the blues as I will tell ya..

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