I Kong - They Don't Know (ft. Ken Boothe)

Oh, oh, she's so wonderful, yeah

Every day, she's always there
To greet me with her smile
With her pretty smile, rain or shine
(They don't know)
(They don't know)

Every day, she's always there
To greet me with her smile (with her smile)
With her pretty smile
Comes what may (comes what may)
(They don't know)

No one knows (no one knows)
Why she loves I so (why she loves I so)
No, they never understand (never, never)
The simplicity (never, never) of a lonely child
For the stranger, passing by (passing by)

They don't know, they can't see
The love of this child, so fair and free
They don't know (they don't know)
What it is, she sees in me (sees in me)
A stranger, passing by, yeah
(They don't know)

If I'm sad and lonely
She cheers me up, she cheers me up
(They don't know)
She's always feeling what I'm thinking
And her magic, is working
(They don't know)
I'm between heaven and paradise
Making me rise (they don't know)
She's my hold and inspiration

They don't know, they don't know, no way
What she sees in me (what she sees in me)
No, they never understand (never, never)
The purity (never, never) of an innocent child
Affection (affection) for him (for him)

They don't know (they don't know), they can't see
The sincerity of a lonely child (of a lonely child)
If they don't know, what it means to me
The joy that she gives (the joy that she gives)
It's good for me (oh, it's good for me)
It's so free (oh, oh, oh, baby)
It's so free (it's so free, yeah-eh-eh)

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