I Kong - The Way It Is

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Work all day, and I don't get much pay
But that don't worry me
You're always by me

Lonely day, just keep on rolling by
But through Your words, my Lord
I'll live on

Out in the fields, trees are all I'll see
And at night the stars, are my company
Why don't You send down Your ray of light?
Send it now, out on me
Oh, oh, oh and never
Never, ever, forsake me
Mhmm, mhmm


The Lord's my shepherd; I shall not want
Lead me deh beside dem still waters
And He blessed my soul
Psalm 23:1-3

I can hear, angels softly singing
They are calling me
Calling me home

They coming nearer
Oh, oh, oh
I said, they come near
They want me to come on home
I want to be free

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