Horace Andy - Every Tongue Shall Tell

This lyric contains biblical references. Click here to show the references.

Every tongue shall tell, on that day
Isaiah 45:23; Romans 14:11

When the Lord, comes again, to judge everyone
1 Chronicles 16:33; Psalm 96:13; Ps. 98:9; Matthew 12:36; John 12:48; Acts 17:3; II Corinthians 5:10

For the wrongs, they have done
And, all the lies, they have told
On that day, that dread day
Isaiah 13:9; Amos 5:18

All you back-sliders
And, all you false prophets
Matthew 7:15; Matt. 24:11; Matt. 24:24

Where will you go
On that day, that dread day..


Oh, what a day!
Oh, what a day!
When every eye shall behold
The one and true one
Revelation 1:7

All shall tremble
Jeremiah 10:10

Like the leaves, on the trees
On that day, that dread day

And every tongue shall tell
Every tongue shall tell
On that day, that dread day

On that day, that dread day..


This song is the original version first released in 1969.
It was later covered by Wayne Jarrett in 1982.

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