Groundation - Suffer The Right

What of them? Enough of them claim to be chosen
What of them? Their hearts they claim were broken
And inside them play, games of you long day

No longer, seeing from the vision
Chanting from the mountain
No longer sitting on the hill, no longer
Wo-uh-wo, no longer shall dem see
And they teach dem, Marcus say
No longer shall dem kill us
"Defeating them because they have no purpose"
I, want to be part of the dawning
Don't want to see them in the morning
Mourning for the pure lose of life, Don say so

Oh, over yonder dem chanting oh Jah
Want to hold dem head up high
And if we see dem, they should be rocking
Why have they chosen, suffer the right
Suffer the right, suffer the right
Suffer the right, suffer the right


Wicked, wicked are them
Wicked, wicked are them
Wicked are them who born for numbers, oh

Well inside of them, dwell in the light of Jah
Inside of them, live in the heart of Jah
Remember Jah is the rule of it all, yeah
And in the end their mountain will fall
But music it must come first
The music it must come first

Oh, oh Jah, ah
Protect them for them see that they
Should not be weeping, they should be loving
Oh-oh protect them for they should not be weeping
They should be rejoicing for life

Wo-uh-oh - We'll challenge their heart
Wo-uh-oh - Look at them a call from
Wo-uh-oh - The fittest of the fittest shall remember

Wo-uh-oh - I want them to know
Wo-uh-oh - Dem haffe find shelter
Wo-uh-oh - I want them to see
Wo-uh-oh - Dem live upon a ah-uh-oh
Wo-uh-oh - I want them to remember
Wo-uh-oh - I Steven Biko
Wo-uh-oh - I want them to see
That the glory of their hearts
Was put inside dem for a reason

Unto nations, what happened to communication?
What of the generation
Who stand in the sinking sands of Babylonian
Oh, Babylonian, oh, Babylonian
Oh, Babylonian, oh, Baby-Babylonian prison

Enter in the jungle of the fortre, fortre
Sit upon the ites a de man chant so, lie so
Chant upon the ark, a de my ark
A de my ark.. a de ma yo-yeah
Oh na wanna be chosen
What to be one of them who were chosen
Oh yeah, oh Lord.. yeah!
Suffer the right, suffer the right..

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