Groundation - Smile

We have come to cry, upon the hillside and why?
Loaning them hearts to you and I
Robbing against them, oh I
Smile - yes I, gather upon the hillside for I
Wo-oh-oh Lord

Smile - yes I, chant upon dem hillside
Whispering thoughts that rise against I
Reaping over hills and boundaries
Impose their thought on you and I
Oh, let them be a martyr
But don't let them suffer
For these chains I fear Lord
They will have to linger for life

Them say
Smile - yes I, gathered upon the hillside
Warring, warring, warring for them
Sure they'll be mourning, mourning
Mourning for them

Warrior talks on the hillside
Of how the ocean use to be our home
Over the man depths, the man go
Leave another stone for you and I
And so the Rasta a leave home
Red, red, gold and green them say!
Red, red, gold and green them say!

Standing low, challenge the King for the thrown
We were, standing tall, waiting for Babylon to fall

We cry tears of the Most High
Wondering why they couldn't love them
Who loved them, yes I
Smile - yes I, gather 'pon the hillside
Mourning for them who use to laugh
For they, they no longer see
They no longer have a faith
They no longer control us by a Judas lie, o-o-oh Lord

See the man a cry, upon them hillside and why?
They shall constantly seek
One of the sources of life
Smile - yes I, gather 'pon the hillside

See dem, see dem, see dem
See dem, see dem, see dem
See these thoughts, gathered in my heart
Gathered in my heart, gathered in my heart
No longer will they take a life they cannot do that
No longer will it beat only in the heart of you, sir
See, see, see, see it there, on the mountainside
Where I come from, you can't do that
You can't do that
You can't do that..

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