Groundation - Not So Simple

If there is an answer for what you see
Through all our misfortunes we find it necessary

More education for our youth
Health care to comfort thee
Never abandon balanced thought
In some mask of apathy


Life is crucial, you've always known
But the best direction is not easily shown
With no one to guide you from the start
Fame will confuse thee
Never abandoned Godliness
In this game of vanity


We were three with Nebuchadnezzar
And you too may suffer like Joseph
It's a constant reminder, my Grandma always said
"You'll never have to worry, no you never have to fret
Things are not that bad"
As you rock that cradle, you rock that cradle
You rock that cradle

Yeah.. yeah, yeah, yeah
And you will never, never know a failure
And you could never see what wrong you did, no way
Come fire dread, come fire dread come

It's not so simple, don't you know?
You must have patience or the story goes
Eyes on Judah through the night
No faith to comfort the
All will abandon him tonight in bold hypocrisy

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