Groundation - Down

Down upon our souls we will ride
And it serves you right to build your kingdom in the sky
I man na lie, what a lullaby you sing to a young man so

Man down, way down, down upon our head and his soul
It was just a thought in the air
Like something planted in the atmosphere, my dear
Oh, my suffer loss is real

Oh man say why, why, why must we be shackled on ya
We were treated like a number and talked to like a fool
You better ascend before you're gone for so long

And the wind blow I man got to carry the soul of the waterfall
We're still so powerful my friends
You have got nothing to fear, them a nuclear
Oh, the mighty stone building across them land
But the higher they build man try to fly over world
Man breaking their heart
And so taking their head as them goal, I man I pray
Still dey man champion so I, I, I, ring a man bone

But they throw rock, rock, rock, rock
Rock stone Jah messenger down
Oh, man erase them with wit and anger
Like it was a joke, that that man say
Oh, my suffer loss is real

What a rocky man road
But we shall embrace our souls against them
I mean don't let another day, go by
Down upon our souls we will ride

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