Groundation - Cultural Wars I

Serve it inna, serve it in the line
Run a 'pon a, run a 'pon dem high
Servith under and a servith under line
Roll up on a, roll up on dem I

Too long they have come
Trap I and a lock dem is them goal
Too long they have come
To come against the long a to them foe
Oh Johnny high roll, they live a high roll
Them cultural wars, become dem cultural laws
Oh their cultural laws, become our cultural walls

Sail away! Long away!
Long await a to the day, long I wait a to the day
Dare I pray! For longer day
De man a sole a honour day, de man a sole a honour day
Rising, Jah spirit rising
(And so, and so) And so I'll sing and so I'll sing
Onto the Almighty
And so I'll sing, and so I, so I, so I, so I, so
I know de, de ma, another war.. oh Jah
Another war.. oh-oh-oh-oh Jah

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