Groundation - Building An Ark

You know what's right
You've known for a while
Oh I've got dreams to tell
Dreams of you and no one else

They were wrong to think this could make you satisfied
For me it's just a silhouette of what could be greater still
One by one we've come to grow old together
And I still have such life to fulfil
But it is so lonely, without you by my side

I'm building an ark tonight
I hope we are ready
We're nowhere near this last breath
Time to rock steady
I'm building an ark tonight
Will we be ready?

I'm aware that this life line
One day lets you down

I'm building an ark tonight
Will we be ready?
Gotta get through this night
I hope we are ready

I'm aware that at the right time
One day you'll be back

We're building an ark tonight
Gotta be ready

They know me, they know me better than myself
Like a window wanting to bring in, the light
Lonely me, I alone can ring memory
Feels so real like yesterday
When captured by the sea was the sun

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