Gregory Isaacs - Jah Music

Roll on Jah Jah music

Now the party is a-swinging
And my head is a-spinning
Still I must skanking to the music tonight
I'm a feeling alright
I'm going skanking to Jah music tonight
I'm a feeling alright

Music moving through my bone
And make blood out of stone
Although I may be down and out
Yes, I've got sing, dance and shout

Skank to Jah music
I said to rock to Jah music
Shout out to Jah music, yeah
Rejoy into your heart

My head is a-turning
And the music is a-playing
I'm a feeling very right
So I'm skanking to the music all night

Skanking to Jah music tonight
Rocking to the music, yeah
'Cause it put me in the groove
I got to make my move
Put me in the groove
Mek me make my move

I'm a skanking to the music tonight
Jah Jah music, skanking
I'm a rocking to Jah music
All night, yeah

Rocking to the music
Skanking to the music
We be dancing to Jah music
Yeah, yeah, yeah, all night

Jam to Jah music tonight
Rock to Jah music tonight
To Jah music tonight

Riddim is a-rocking
Music is a-shocking
I just can't resist it
I don't wanna miss it

Come mek me rock to Jah music tonight
Skank to Jah music
Dance to Jah music
Dub to Jah music
Walk to Jah music, yeah

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