Gentleman - Everlasting Love

We got something special girl
We've been together so long
Holding together so strong

Like a rock woman we ready to roll
A fire down in our soul
Temperature rise and we lose control
Even December nights don't feel cold
You make my wings unfold
With you woman I want to grow old
I need your loving like the winter the spring
Always ins mi head like a song that me can't stop sing
And blessing it bring
Never ever ending thing girl

This is everlasting girl
Love stronger than them days before
Singing and rejoicing
And our hearts will fear no more
This is everlasting girl
Let's walk through that open door
Singing and rejoicing
No holding back no more

Come let us spend some quality time
Take the rest of your mind
We are going for the stars and signs
Make we go leave city lights behind
Now that the two of we found love no limit and no borderline
Nothing shall ever separate us
Through those hills and valleys girl nothing ever breaks us
And Jah will never forsake us
'Cause in true love we put our trust

This is everlasting girl..

She's just like a breeze
Cooling me down when my life is overheat
Like branches of a tree
Bearing a fruit that is always fresh and sweet
Like the tide is rising flowing
Always on the going
Planting seeds that always will be growing
An endless energy that a the two of we
Into eternity

This is everlasting girl..

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