Gage - The Awaken

Yo, unno just, just pause the gun song fi a second
Pause all a dem song deh, just fi a second
Lemme bring out the bullshit weh dem pussy a deh 'pon
Weh dem no really waan me fi say

Me did a leave the game, but dancehall would a dead without me
Half a dem artist yah can't even hold a meds without me
If me no sing 'bout something, well dem no sing 'bout it
BUt me a go talk the truth, me no care how dem waan feel 'bout it
Like real thing, dawg, dem artist yah nah hold no meds
Dem no waan fi rich again, most a dem just waan fi dead
Wha' happen to mek it inna the ghetto, them go corporate
Wha' happen to BET and the Red Carpet
Wait, unno sart fret? Dawg, me d'even start yet
Keep all unno mouth, dem act like dem no want it
A hype over Benz, Bimmer and Lexus
So wha' you a try tell me say? No man no want Jet?
You see why when time dem sing, man no even listen dem
Listen dem fi wha' you no see a pickney dem
Sing to the youths dem 'bout gun, like say dem got dem
Bait up two man 'round dem, no stop till police shot dem
A so it mostly go, yeah, so it mostly end
No tek no talk from dem youth, talk cyaan spend
A most a dem weh you see sidung hitch upon the ends
Cyaan even touch dem girlfriend leg when time she lock dem
Dem say me fuck up, but really dawg, a so me pree
Most a dem old artist yah dem lame, eeh
Is such a shame, no even wanna big like Jay-Z
Me just buss yesterday and dem no even deh 'pon the level as me
Dawg, so wha' unno deh yah for? Weh unno haffi prove again?
Same thing walk inna the dance with one group a men
YL, Young Legends, yes we is like super friend
Every day we a go mek something new happen
Chigga, me have another one, Chigga say a you again
The thing could a never stop, work could a never end
Money can't never too much, 'cause money haffi spend
Weh you a dash weh me dollar for? You no see a money dem
Hope unno notice, man d'even put no flow to this
Some a dem motherfucker yah, dem no know who fi diss
Man like Bounty Killer mek dubplate no free, dawg
Him mek selector haffi run food fi this
So dash some respect, which part it deserve fi go
Pour some rum fi the killer dem weh deh near fi you
Me a talk the one dem weh would a move the fucking earth fi you
Waan you fi see you mek it and tell you say, you deserve it too
But, dawg, a no every man fi get a big up
Lowe the past, it a history, it will tumble down when time it dig up
So 'pon the draft board, me a go big the bishop
Dem nah help nobody, but dem want things fi lift up
So wha' you a try say, politician ban artist fi get a hype
Like when unno ban him, Jamaica a go live a better life
Is like every fucking day man a recognize
Say me and dem people yah, dawg, is not alike
Politician no different from gun man, talk truth
Wha' different? Long tie, bow tie, dark suit
Deh 'pon TV, a talk cute and talk smooth
That's why me daddy would a say, "Press rass mute!"
Fans lock down with me mixtape like storm a pass through
Some say me deal with the business, just like a fast food
The juvenile dem well tune in to the thing
Dem a ask me how me do it, me say, "It simple, dawg, go a school"
A full time now man stop hype over rass shoes
A so unno really dumb, unno a tell me unno da true
Dedication a the key, not IG views
Intelligent a the new badness, not these fools
Weh cyaan even explain what the fuck is square root
But ask dem 'bout top shotta, ask dem 'bout Tom Cruise
You would a swear say is a TV yah talk to
No bother laugh, dawg, no bother laugh, youth
When me just born, yeah, everything was great
Me never know 'bout love, no, me never know 'bout hate
Me never know yah black man and white man
Me never know the world was one big human race, dawg

Is like a fucking crab war, the space still deh
So why the top stars a war?
At least act like unno glad fi get the fucking buss
Cah nuff man do nuff and unno no reach that far, dawg
A foreign yah talk 'bout, we go foreign to you
A nuff man me see go fly foreign and not even food
Oh, a mussi strategy dem use
Fi come 'pon TV, but if dem deh fi go talk truth, ah
No stay far from the topic
Some man way a act like badman, me need dem fi stop it
Stop sing to the youth dem 'bout you a bleach with gun
Because when night time come, unno nah rise no matic
Wha' gwaan, listener? How much time unno pull up this
Deep unnoself, don't done know say hits a hits
When unno hear the story line combine with the lyrics
Unno haffi say, to unnoself, "How Gage do this?"
Everything put together, nothing nah miss
Me a no one fi come sing 'bout weh deh 'pon my wrist
'Bout how me gun big and gliss and full a hollow tips
No, listen, a the six mixtape this
Eeh, me know say nuff a dem no even a go play this
Nuff a the listener dem a go act like dem no waan hear this
Dem waan hear dung inna throat suck cocky and bare shit
And then dem and dem friend sidung and talk how Gage creative
Couple artist bun it out, but me see it with the eye weh naked
Dem just vex because a never dem did create it
It not take a NASA scientist fi see this
Dem heart dutty, you fuck you no even haffi educated, dwag
Me see through dem like say dem no even did deh
Speedy Gonzales, the pussy dem running from some way
'Member the gyal weh always say she did a go did deh
Bredda way, she deh me no now she mussi a gone fuck some way
Aah, me nah go act like me deh perfect
Me nah go act like me no try some and it no work yet
Me nah go act like me didn't get drop through the dirt yet
But at least when me spit the fucking lines, you know me deserve it

Bumboclaat, unno think

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