Gage - NYC Freestyle

Dem fi know seh this a the Dutty Friday freestyle enuh
And me a say, yo Natural, yo Wizard
Tell dem say dem lyrics ya hard fi find like Lizard
Hahaha, yo Father Bulla, Cornelius
A who dem man

Tell unno already, man sick, dawg
Me, left the place and come back
Fresh AK a big boss, eeh
Weh you do, buy out the bloodclaat block
Sopm like Rick Ross, dawg
Man fuck up everything 'bout ya
Me kill a dream and a wish dawg
Doh me'n tell you seh da riddim ya a kick dawg
Click that trigger 'pon the Zigger done a clip fast
Me, have your gyal inna me bed
Do the lectric slide and the twist cross
Dawg, step up inna this, which murder, which don, which boss
Eeh, any buck a go kick
When me step inna the place that kick fast
Dawg, lot a hollow tip fi swallow when you did a lip
Chip chip, murderer seh fi hold one a this
Man cold like the gold weh deh froze 'pon your wrist
Dem a wonder weh me find flow laka this
This a couldn't flow, this a must Netflix
Quick, quick ratchet bruk neck like biscuit
No, dem no bad a lip dem a lip
Dem busy when me tek this from off a me hip
Dawg, dem pussy deh no bad, yo real thing
Me have a bloodclaat chopper like Lee Chin
Dem deh out a style like bleaching
Knock it inna him and watch the fucking breath leave him
Badman do badness, teacher do teaching
Give dem a small page, lef' dem a do reading
What a bloodclaat when time me pull with the AK
This a no bloodclaat greeting
Me no trust people, friend me doh buy
Car pull up, head a buss 'fore the door fly
N'even me bitch me no trust cah the whore lie
The only thing me trust, me Blutch Back 45
Hey, pussy weh you know 'bout coke life
Out a sea like a pirogue boat life
Weh me do today you no do inna your whole life
Causeway, middle day, buss face, Chrome 9

NYC inna me Tims
Roll through town inna me big bad Bims
We got money, we got drinks
We got Ashleys, we got Kims
We got locks and pendant, dem got links
Man higher than dem
Dem n'even a fucking bling
Dawg, face Chrome 9

You gyal a gi' the don a bloodclaat slow whine
Me think me would a write a dozen song, more rhyme
You ring her phone and she hang up like a clothes line
Bloodclaat clown, a really this you call gold mine
Hey, pussy we no funny, we no Prince Pine
Spent shell a flood the grung if me rinse mine
Beware a bloodclaat dog
A read you cyaan read, hombre you never see the sign
Run dung your bus like a bloodclaat free ride
Chuck off inna your muma, tek a deep dive
No bwoy cyaan diss the gunman
Gunshot we swarm dem like bees hive
Big belly Denali, yes a that me rise
Weh me live bwoy no do weh dem feel like
Buss which gun when dem feel like
Could a election, a could a New Years night
Lumber truck turn over, tall gun, steel pipe
Badness no exist inna these guys
The pussy dem fake you fuck, Chinese rice
Tek dem unmark car and bring it fi a real ride
Black 'pon black Matic deal with you inside
Put the pussy dem 'pon fridge, ice

Hold on, a done the riddim done dung deh so

NYC inna me Tims
Roll through town inna me big bad Bims
We got money, we got drinks
We got Ashleys, we got Kims
We got locks and pendant, dem got links
Hahaha, hahaha

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