Freddie McGregor - Loving Pauper

I'll make you tingle every time!
Show you lovin' all the time!

I'm not in a position to maintain you
The way that you're accustomed to
Can't take you out to fancy places
Like other fellows that I know can do
I'm only able to romance you
And make you tingle with delight
Financially, I'm a pauper
But when it comes to lovin', I'm alright
Alright, alright!

Don't show me what you're friends are wearing
I really don't want to see
Don't tell me what your friends are buying
'Cause money doesn't grow on trees
Tell me 'bout the things that excite you
And make you tingle with delight
Little darling, tell me where to hold and touch you
So when it comes to lovin', I'm alright
Alright, I'm alright!

You know there are things, I can't buy you girl
Or drive you in a big fancy car
If you're hungry, girl, I can feed you
But with my money, girl, you won't get far
I got so many patches on my clothes, girl
A whole in the bottom of my shoe
But if you prefer love to romance
Then you've got to tell me, girl, 'cause I'm alright
Alright, alright!
Alright, I'm alright!
Alright, alright!
Make you tingle all the time..
And show you lovin' every time..


This song is a cover released in the 1980's.
The original was by Gregory Isaacs and first released in 1977.

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