Errol Organs - Rebel Reggae

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A nuh streggae, ah rebel reggae
Long time, rebel reggae, what's going on
Long time, rebel reggae, keep moving on

Wanna know, get on the floor now!
Move your ass, read the score now!
Clothe the children, feed the poor now!
James 1:27

Hands are clean, heart is pure
Psalm 24:4

If what you feel, is what you know now!
Then what yuh reaping, is what you sow!
Galatians 6:7

Come share the vittles, give some more now!
First come the children, disease for cure

Now you know, go with the flow now!
From the get go, you slow you blow!
Uh! love the children, let them grow now!
Nuh bring no more drugs! In our ghetto!

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