Errol Organs - Never Gonna Stop Sing

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Hey world, never
Never gonna stop sing, oh no
For the world must separate from evil
Deuteronomy 29:21

Never gonna stop sing, oh no
For Jah must send for his people
Isaiah 43:6

Babylon, yuh gonna crumble, one day
And you know, 'cause' ah wha Jah prophet say
Isaiah 21:9

So now, you are racing against the time
To have and to hurt and to destroy, mankind..

On the merchant city, Jah will have no pity
Isaiah 23:11

Her feet and her legs them, ah shake a'ready..
Should you find things, hard to believe..
Symbolize them, then you penetrate!
Surely the right thing, you will appreciate..
Feet and legs them ah shake, right now
Arms and legs them ah shake, right now, won't stop singing

Babylon ah tremble, yeah, I know and you know
Them ah crumble, yeah, yeah
Babylon ah tremble, yeah, London Bridge is falling down
Them ah crumble, yeah, ah true man
Babylon ah tremble, yeah, eagle has lost her wings!
Them ah crumble, yeah, yeah..
Jeremiah 51:29; Revelation 14:8; Rev. 18:2

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