Errol Organs - Forever Loving Rastafari

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We'll forever loving Jah
We'll forever loving Rastafari
The day is coming, drawing nigh
Romans 13:12

When there'll be no more running, from the man on high
I sure ain't funning, you know why
Heed the call from Zion, don't deny..

Jah send a calling, I and I
So stop your bawling, no more cry
Isaiah 65:19; Revelation 21:4

I sure ain't lying, oh no not I
Yuh better choose your weapon, Ababa Joni, hey eh yeahhh

Whole world is guilty, listen to me
1 John 5:19

Only Jah Jah truth, can set you free
John 8:32

It's my ministry, I pray thee
Justification, by faith, easy..
Romans 5:1

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