Dexta Daps - 3G (No Mercy)

Gyal, gun, ganja

Right now me feel fi build a double Rizzla
And bun it till the fire bun me finger
Me no have no time fi in nutten with nigger
Nobody cyaan mash up da vibes yah weh me done deh inna
Daseca say fi stop the smoking, Dappa you a singer
A better dem did get a Glock and pull the trigger
How you fi tell me 'bout crack and that a killer
Mek me drop a Bounty Killer

We nah no mercy
And me is a bwoy weh we kill you, mek the world see
Yeah, when the war start, me pop it off
'Cause I cyaan lowe no bwoy fi first me
Yeah, we mek your girl see
Your marrow fly high weh mek the bird see, hey
Six foot deep him a sleep, inna coffin lock him in
Mek the worm see

Baby, pose up, laka, laka model lift your clothes up
Mek me fling fuck inna you, no through a summer
This ya pai, pai ya mek you moan seh
The whole a your pussy bun up
Your pussy feel so great, it haffi live inna
Lock me, no escape, me a your prisoner
Cyaan wait fi invest a couple bill inna her
Though it might mean less sensimilla
Saint E sensi, century bag, no twenty
A sensi me smoke, crackhead no go 'gainst me
Weh me get me sensi from, no Saint E
Kuchi a load and me empty one currently

Anyweh we go we spend every currency
High grade we a bun, belly no empty
The fuss pull, me brain chip suddenly
Evidently, the grabber mek me so deadly
Easy, 'cause we we wield the half a lass
Cross your face and mark it up like Weezy
Try pray seh that dem never diss we
Cah weh we would a do to dem
We now Jah nah forgive we

Another duppy inna the cemetery, somebody haffi go buru
Cah him never lock him mouth
Full him up a couple this and some a that
And when him sister come a chat
Somebody knock teeth out
Then me throw some water 'pon her
ANd then she wake up back
And then me draw fi me boots
And when me lace up that
Tek her inna the base up top
And now she bawling fi the fuck fi days non-stop
Hey, a bare fuck fi that
Everything weh she a wear subtract
And me gi' her the stiff cock, me no bait up that
So when she see me a bare tuff chat

We nah no mercy
And me is a bwoy weh do things, mek the world see
Hey, when the war start, me move fast
'Cause I cyaan lowe no bwoy fi first me
Yeah, we mek your girl see
If you no try fly weh mek the bird see, hey
Wonder if a sleep him a sleep
When him flat inna the street and the world see

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