Desmond Dekker & Aces - Christmas Day

Christmas is..
A very special season, of the year.

It is a day.. when our Saviour, was born.
Joy to the world, a King is born,
He's gonna bring, to all mankind.

As I could see clearly,
A bright and shining star, in the east.
And as the star met the Three Wise Men,
To the place, where Jesus was born.
On reaching, to worship our King,
They brought him gifts of gold,
Frankincense and myrrh.
And you could hear the Angels,
As they sing, this little song.

Joy to the world, a King is born.
He's gonna bring, to all mankind.
Away every, or [?]
The kind of love, He, [?]
The poor boy awaits [?]

And so, my friends,
These are some of the special things,
About the day of Christmas.
And this is Desmond Dekker and The Aces,
On the behalf of Beverly's Recording Company,
Wishing you all, a Merry, Merry Christmas,
And a prosperous New Year,
As we sing our song.

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