Derrick Harriott - What Can I Do

What can I do.. to hold your hand?
What can I say.. to make you understand?
You're dri..ving me nuts..
Baby, baby, baby, come back, won't you please?
I wanna be your loving man.
Oh, oh, how, will it feel?
I wanna know how it feels,
To be in your arms.
How will it be?
How will it be.. to be in your many charms?
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Two weeks ago, the girl that I loved
She left me for my best friend
And one week after, they were getting married
She had the nerve to invite me down to the wedding
And I had the heart to go
But as I sat there in the back of the church that Sunday afternoon
I could hear the organ playing soft and low
"Here comes the bride."
And the preacher, he looked at the guy and he said:
"Do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife?
To love, cherish on and obey until the day you die?"
And he said: "I do." Then he looked at the girl, that I loved
And he said: "Do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband?
To love, cherish on and obey until the day you die?"
And she looked at him and she said: "I do."
Lord have mercy, I couldn't say a word..
Not one single, solid term of word, could I say.
But as she came up the aisle, she stopped in front of me and she said:
"Derrick, darling, even though you and I are apart,
I'll always reserve a place here in the bottom of my heart, just for you
When I watched them as the people threw rice over their heads
I watched them as they drove away on their honeymoon
And as I sat there, I could hear the choir as they sang:
"Too late.. she's gone.."
"Too late.. she's gone.."
What can I do, do, do, do, do, do, do?
What can I do?

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