Dennis Brown - Concentration (Version 1)

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Holy, holy!
Hmm.. holy, holy
Isaiah 6:3; Revelation 4:8

It's time you settled down and try to concentrate
On getting a weekly pay, instead of begging every day
Father gave us every little thing to make us try
And help ourselves, and he said He'd help those
Who try to help their selves

So, if you want to be in that situation
Change your evil ways and join this congregation
Jeremiah 26:13

And maybe you'll soon be living like the King
That sitteth on His throne
If happiness is far away, it will show up some day
Proverbs 20:8

Holy, holy, holy holy..

If you want to live that, independent life
Go out and do the work instead of being in a fight
Father knows that you're the chosen one
To perform His works
1 Chronicles 16:13; Psalm 89:19

And you'll be repaid in His holy way
In His holy way, yeah!
In His holy way, holy way, yeah, holy..
Matthew 16:27

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