Delroy Washington - Chant

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Let I and I give thanks
Unto the Most High God
Jah, Rastafari!

Let I and I praise his name, itiniually
Let Jah, arise
Psalm 68:1

Let his love be, with I and I everlasting
Jah! (Rastafari!)

Jah! (Rastafari!)
Is King over all the earth
Jah, is Father of all nations
Jah, is Master of all tongues and languages
Let Him be praised itiniually

Jah! (Rastafari!)
Is holy in His habitations
Psalm 68:5

Jah, loveth the gates of Zion, Africa
More than all the dwelling-places of Jacob
Psalm 87:2

Let I and I, praise
His Imperial Majesty
Haile Selassie, the first, of Ethiopia
Who is, to I and I, a father in captivity
Jah! (Rastafari!)

Let I and I magnify His name itinually
Psalm 34:3; Luke 1:46

When no-one would plead I and I cause
Proverbs 22:23

His Imperial Majesty
Jah, Rastafari
Came and spoke for I and I
Praise His name
Selassie (Rastafari!)

Let the children of Rastafari
Make a joyful noise unto Him
Psalm 66:1; Ps. 81:1; Ps. 95:1-2; Ps. 98:4-6; Ps. 100:1

Let them praise Him
Through musical instruments
Let them lift up their voices unto him

I and I pray Jah, will make I and I disciplined, in his Law
Let I and I not stray, from Jah way

Blessed is the man
That walketh not in the house of the ungodly
Nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful
But his delight is in the Law of the Lord God, Jah, Rastafari!
And in his Law does he meditate day and night
He shall be like a tree that is planted by, the rivers of water
That bringeth forth its fruit in due season
His leaves shall not wither
And whatsoever he doeth shall prosper
The ungodly, are not so
But are like the chaff that the wind driveth away
Therefore the ungodly shall not stand
In the Judgement with the righteous
Nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous
For the Lord, Jah, Rastafari, Selassie
Knows the way of the righteous;
But the way of the ungodly shall perish. Selah
Psalm 1:1-6

Let Jah arise, let his enemies be scattered
Let all those that hate him flee from before him..

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