Culture - Natty Never Get Weary

Brutality me a tell you 'bout, you know bredda
Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Natty never yet get weary, yeah, man

(Weary) Natty never get (weary)
Chant it out and tell them
(Weary) Natty never get (weary)

Although the battle seems so hot in Babylon
Their conflicted souls run things, they kill the other
(Weary) Natty never get (weary)
Sentence them right out as them hear it
Weary, weary yet, weary yet, weary, weary

I was standing on the corner reasoning with two daughters
Reasoning with Jah equal rights and justice
Teaching them of the way they ought to live
Here comes the Babylon to ride and ah arrest I

(Weary) never yet get weary (weary)
Babylon jump out a the Jeep and say
Bwoy, give me a satchel or ya bag 'pon there
I-man throw the bag forward to him
Him stick I up with him gun
And jus' come forward down 'pon I innocently
And begin jook, jook I all over, you know
And when I-man forward inside the Jeep
Him carry on forward to Stone Hill jail, you know
And when him take I to Stone Hill jail
Him take everything from I and everything him see I possess
Him ask I where I go, you know
Him say, bwoy, go inside a the jail
You want a war a war right here mek I just, pussy hole
Cho, him tell I-man

Is that a right way for a human as a policeman
To react to a citizen as a peaceful one
Not doing any wrong but still for all
Because I'm 21,000 miles away from home

(Still weary) chant it out I tell you (weary)
Nailed to the possession (weary)
Of bad penalization (weary), oh low them


Right and left here I see
A criminal on my right and left hand too
They ask I lots of questions I know not about
And even say
Bwoy, cho, it's a personal credential yah
Him say, Jah dem no waan no hear a thing from you, you know
Go inside the Jeep, bwoy
Brutality (weary)
Loud and clear (weary)
It's a lesson to one and all (weary)

Robotham is the one who I arrest I, I say
O'Connell was the one my school mate, soon to be mercy
He say, man what are you doing here?
As an innocent peaceful living man as their brother, yeah
(Weary) Too bad for them, yeah
(Weary) It's good over evil
(Weary) You just can't deceive I
(Weary) Jah is great and terrible..

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