Culture - Natty Dread Taking Over

And is a su su come, su su come,
Su su come su su come - fire bun dem..
Then is a su su come, su su come
Su su come, su su come - fire bun dem.. why?
Natty dread.. taking over..
Shout it and tell dem Culture!
Natty dread.. Natty curly congo ayah, taking over..

For I hear the baldheads dem a screw,
Among demselfs for di dready, fire bun dem..
Natty dread.. can yu hear, taking over..
Once at last in Revelation time.
Natty dread.. taking over.. ooh Jah, yeh.


Once upon a time, we couldn't get a blight, Natty Dread.
Everyone had got something in hand except Natty Dread.
Natty Dread.. take it or leave it,
Taking over.. technically.
Natty Dread.. never get weary,
Taking over.. yu take it, oh,
For a little while, dread.. taking over, yeah.
Natty Dread.. Jah choose and son of vision say,
Taking over.. for victory at last.
Natty Dread.. rise your rights and,
Black people say all nations,
Taking over.. yeh oh Jah..

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