Culture - Jah Pretty Face

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I and I a want to see King Rastafari
To look upon Jah pretty, pretty face

We want to walk the streets of glory
Shining around Jah throne

So Natty Dread tell all the gentiles them to come
Run come to look upon Jah pretty, pretty face
Isaiah 60:3; Jeremiah 50:5

For we are going home, going home
To see King Rastafari

Rasta a the roots of David
Hallelujah! I and I a Congo I say
Revelation 5:5; Revelation 22:16

Rasta a the roots of David, chant it out
Hallelujah, yeah!

Rasta a the roots of David - Hallelujah!
With your loud voice say - Hallelujah
Chant it from the throne, let them hear it, say

?? - Hallelujah!
?? - Hallelujah!

Praise Jah in season and out season
Way out, Rastafari!

Jah! Rastfari!


This song, released in 1977, was re-recorded in 1997.
It is also called Jah Pretty Face.

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