Cornell Campbell - Broken Hearted Girl

There's a girl out there
On her own, I tell you
She's got a broken heart
Yeah, yeah

She's got the time to stay
Down for long
'Cause I know, she is too smart
I tell you

I know, that she needs me
More than time can tell
But she want me to, make a first move
Because she's shy
And she's very proud to give in
With her love

I know she needs me
I know she wants me
But she's too proud
I tell you she's so proud

I'm longing
I say I'm longing to hold her
But I mix up, what a beautiful woman
That I need so much, but I'm too proud
I'm just proud like her - baby


So this teach me a lesson
That I must not cross a river
'Cause I can't swim
Else I will drown

For once in my life
I find someone, someone too proud
She's too proud to beg
And I just can't give in
I'm like her, though I need her
I need her and I don't want her to go
But I can't help myself

What situation
Baby, baby
I tell you, I tell you
Come close to me, come close to me
You're my little woman, woman..

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