Chronixx - Selassie Children

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[Verse 1]
Been laughed at, scrutinised
To the point where I had to ask who am I
Then I remember what they do to Christ
He was nailed to a cross and crucified
Matthew 27:35-38; Mark 15:24-25; Luke 23:33; John 19:16-18

Now that the light came to me
I wonder if they're gonna do the same to me
And when the truth hits painfully
That's when you know if you're really who you claim to be
For so long we've been denied
Rejected and brutalised
But Jah children shall win the war
Yes, 'cause we know who we are

We're Selassie I children, oh yeah
Haile Selassie children
Haile Selassie children
We are Ethiopians by blood
Africa was born in us, Selassie children
Selassie children
Haile, Haile Selassie Children
We know who we are

[Verse 2]
Young boy threw away his comb
So his papa told him find a different home
Never come back, hold your own
'Bout you're a Rasta, I wish I never know you, no
Rejected for the life he choose
(Cast out) all alone (oh no)
The stone that the builder man refused
(Shall be) the head cornerstone
Psalm 118:22; Matthew 21:42; Mark 12:10; Luke 20:17; Acts 4:11; 1 Peter 2:7

Soon they will realise (will realise)
That we've been reading between the lines (lines)
Remember we foretold the war
Whoa, you never forget who we are

Tell them, we're Selassie children
Children, children, yeah
Haile Selassie children
Daniel in the lion's den
We are Ethiopians by blood
Africa was born in us
Selassie children
Haile Selassie Children

[Verse 3]
Young girl gotta face the worst
'Cause her mother just took a look in her purse
She find a clay kutchie and some holy herbs
And the wise mind of Haile I the first
Mama say, "Young girl you're losing your mind
Did you get these things from Satan?"
And she say, "No, mama I got the kutchie from Jah9
And the wise mind from I nation"
Please mama, don't scrutinise
Take this book and give it a try
Let this herb open up your eyes
Experience the wonders of Rastafari

Haile Selassie children
We are, Haile Selassie children
We are Ethiopians by blood
Africa was born in us
Selassie children
Haile Selassie children, oh yeah
Haile Selassie children

The battle will be hard
Haile Selassie children
Still we never stall
Selassie children
Deh yah back a wall
Haile Selassie children
Still the Natty never fall
Haile Selassie children
Oh coral garden
Selassie children
Look at pinnacle
Selassie children
Still we deh yah now, yeah
Selassie children
We never giving up
Selassie children
Take no heartache pain
Selassie children
Fight the fights in vain
Selassie children
Even if the battle stains

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