Christafari - What Is The Difference? (Intro)

I remember it like it was yesterday...
I was a drug addicted youth, a marijuana dealer, a runaway, a rebel
It was the darkest time in my life
But I loved reggae and loved to sing songs about Jehovah (Jah)
I was open to the Bible to an extent
But I just didn't vibe with the church
And I definitely didn't like Christians
They seemed so fake with their "happy-happy-joy-joy" songs
And their plastic smiles
To be honest, I just didn't get it
Because I knew what was best for me – or at least I thought I did
Until I met this cool guy named Marcus
He was so much like me and we connected
As we shared stories about his drug past and my drug present
But the more that I got to know him
The more I realized that though we had so much in common in the past
Our lives where headed in two entirely different directions
You see mine was a dead-end street, but his had a future and a hope...
I just couldn't put my finger on it. So one day I asked him
"What's the difference between you and I?"
I'll never forget his response...
He said four simple words that would forever change the trajectory of my life
"The love of God", he replied
He had found what I had been missing
He had received God's love, His grace, His forgiveness
And he was forever transformed by it
It's hard to explain but that simple answer regarding the hope that he had within
Literally sparked a revolution within me
And just two weeks after truly surrendering my life to Christ, I started Christafari
And I'd never be the same again, forever changed by the Love of Jah

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