Burning Spear - Lion

Mama, call brother
To tell papa
Who live in the jungle
Don't kill the Lion, don't the Lion
You don't kill the Lion, you don't kill the

Don't kill him, don't kill him
You don't kill the Lion
No kill the lion, the lion

The Lion so humble, he so gentle
And he loves little children
That's why I say it

Don't kill the
Don't kill the Lion
No, no kill the lion
No, no, no

Begging you no kill him
No kill the Lion
Tear from mi eyes if you should kill Lion
I gots to cry

It no make sense
Hear what I say, hear what I say
Lion haffi right to live
Lion haffi right to live

Mama call mi little baby brother
Mi little biddy brother, hurry up
This is the time when you mus' be quick and swift
Run go tell mi papa who live in the jungle
I say don't kill the Lion, no kill him
Don't kill the Lion, nooo!

My papa, take me
Hear what I say
No kill the lion
Lion haffi right to live
The lion have a right to live..

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