Burning Spear - Cry Blood Africa

I and I don't make up I and I mind
To go through the same thing like
I and I foreparents go through
No, before that, cry blood Africa, cry blood
Cry blood Africa, cry blood
Cry blood
Cry blood
Cry Africa

Who are they that invade Africa
Saying that they employ my sister
They were so presumptuous
Who dare them to say that
Cry blood
Africa cry blood
Cry Africa, cry blood

I and I and I
I come this day to set just foundation
Upon foundation, in foundation
If any one should trouble
Cry blood
Cry Africa, cry blood

No more invasion
No more black blood na go run in a River Jordan, no
Cry blood, cry Africa
Africa, cry blood
Cry Africa

It's about time, African and African
Should come together
Sing the same song
Cry Africa, cry blood

The whole wide feel feel it when
Africa continent cry
Cry blood, whose fault
No trouble Africa, cry blood
Free up Africa, cry blood
African cry blood, come on

It's about time African and African
Should hold hands in hands
Yes, Jah it was adain
Cry blood, cry African
No trouble Africa, cry blood
Free Africa, cry blood
Cry, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood
Blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood..
Cry blood
Cry Africa, cry blood
Come together African, cry blood
Mek we sing the same songs, cry blood
Show them we can hold hands in hands, cry blood..

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