Bunny Wailer - Lifeline

There's a love light fire
Burnin in my soul
Oh yes I have (Oh yes I have)
And if its your desire
To know all the love that I have
Ask and it shall be told

What's in your heart now
You know in the right time
When it's the right time
You know when its quiet time

Well deep in my heart child
I like to be on the right side
At the marriage supper where my cup runneth over
Throw out a life line and let your live light shine
Throw out a life line and let your live light shine

Fly away in no melancholy mood
Just like a dove (just like a dove)
Then you can act the sweetness just like you know you a should
An ever burning love (an ever burning love)

Then you rise in the morning feelin like the sun in its dawning
The power will be reeling like a furnace in its blazing
Like a bird on a mountain like a fish in a fountain
They're joyful then in your kingdom peace of mind they're having

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