Beenie Man - Foundation

Glorious be to the Most High
Jah! Rastafari!
Whoa nah nah nah nah nah nah
Hey, you see Sly & Robbie

A just Selassie I send dem, well
Play music fi heathen, well
See the Christian we call dem, yeah
'Cause the devil control dem
Sly, a Selassie I send dem, well
'Cause music haffi play then, yeah
Mr. Robbie him a bass dem, well
Taxi Gang come tell dem say that

Well, Mr. Sly, well
Music we a play, and we a trample over Jungle
Trample down a TG, Rema man we a talk to
All Rema man, dem unno fi cool and unno fi humble
Put down all the guns and leave the chain and all the bangle
'Pon Selassie I, well we ready fi we people
All Rastaman and Bobo man we all a talk to
Sly dem a play, we are licking out the evil
Come now Taxi Gang come play fi the people

Music man!
Taxi Gang!

A Selassie I send dem, well
Music will lick the heathen, dem
All the Christian, we call dem, well
'Cause the devil control dem
But, long time we a tell dem fi lowe carnival
Dem waan mix Rastaman in dem bachanal
True Mr. Sly him a foundation
That's why we play music fi each and every

Yo, yo, yo
Music we a play, a yah so we run the route
Music we a play fi all the man dem down a south
Easy, Mr. Sly, and Taxi Gang run the route
You no hear the music dem a bawl out
Mission impossible, and a teach people
Play fi all the dumb, the deaf, the blind and all the cripple, oh
Mr. Sly how you're humble, nah you rumble
Because we too comfortable, so we tell dem

A King Selassie I send dem, well
Taxi Gang come fi warn them, well
Music under heathen, yeah
The Pope, we control them, well

Trample the Christian and the beast a Albashan
Diss Rastaman, don't you know say you ever wrong?
Mr. Sly, play the music from 19, how long?
Dem a play fi Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, how much?
How dem fi diss we when you know say we no nervous
A foundation, a we dig the land
A we set the plan, and a we buy the-, oh nah

Look how long we a warn them say
A just Selassie I call dem deh
But true the devil control dem, yeah
And the boy dem never listen say
Mr. Sly a say, Beenie Man a say
Taxi Gang a play dem

Yo, yo, yo
This yah one yah pass January morning
From now me a give out the warning
Some bwoy haffi go try do some farming
Mr. Sly, a music we playing
Well, from now, badman is talking
Well, Taxi Gang, don't you know dem run the thing
And don't you know say a we have the engine
Well, follow Beenie Man and sing
Oh na na na
Oh na na na na..

You no waan see this yet, yo

DJ a instrumental combination
You never see the history commit 'pon the land
Hear say Mr. Sly and Beenie Man and Taxi Gang
Hear say Mr. Bolvee, you a foundation
Hear say lyrics stop because dem know you are the don
You a sing song from 19, how long..

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