Beenie Man - Blackboard

Well this is Beenie man 'longside Leroy, the hornsman
And this is the original dancehall foundation
Whoa Lordy, Lordy, Lord
It's Beenie man and the hornsman
For all the girls, hahaha
A that you really say, man?
Dye eye!
No, no, no, girls!
Hornsman say

Gyal, I goin' check me chalk and mark up your blackboard
And him say, inna your shield him goin' shoob in him long sword
Then him goin' drive him car 'pon your road
'Cause him done already have your road code
Gyal, I goin' check me chalk and mark up your blackboard

Then wha' you say again?
Him say, hey little gyal weh a flex like hot lava
Long time me deh yah fi go warm up your water
Open your garage, mek me drive in me tanker
Gyal, a no me name Caesar, hold on
This time me have to hold the gyal dem stronger
The gyal dem want the loving and dem want it longer
The gyal dem want Max Wayne, 'cause a him a dem driver
Dem want Mr. B because a him a dem lawyer
The gyal no want ginger, she only want Ninja
The gyal dem want a man weh tough like Doberman Grinja
And when it come to loving, a me the gyal dem ask for
But, hornsman come utter, so wha'?

A fi the girls dem we cry
It gone a lead man
Leroy, you know wha' me tell dem say?

The gyal dem want Monster Shack becah dem say dem want monster
Dem want Scare Dem becah dem say dem want the hammer
Dem want Beenie Man, just true me long and me maga
All now Shocking Vibes no utter, hold on!
Gyal dem all a tell me say dem don't want no eater
The gyal no want no pimp, dem want a good old driver
The gyal dem want a man weh know the curve and the corner
Gyal dem nowadays dem can't peel banana
Suzie, Angie, the gyal name Lorna
A Leroy dem waan come utter, fi say

Cool no Leroy man
Me tell dem all the while enuh
Dem never waan hear, oh yaw, yawi
Wha' you say me fi tell dem? Tell dem?

Gyal, I goin' check me chalk and mark up your blackboard
And inna your shield I goin' shoob down the long sword
I goin' drive me car 'pon your road
Cah me done already have the road code
I goin' check me chalk and mark up your blackboard

Hold on!
The gyal dem say dem want fi cease
Dem want a Rastaman to make dem run to the East
Dem no want Caesar, cause Caesar a beast
General B she want fi trample her feet
East Coast Crew dem, say dem nah dweet!
Nah go licky licky and we nah bite it
Only hornsman make the girl dem feel sweet
Blow hornsman and make the girls dem dance to the beat

Hornsman fi play, Beenie Man deejay
A so we say, every night and day

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