Barrington Levy - Hypocrites

Whoa... oh, oh

I can see so many hypocrites
Everyone are talking this and talking that
Watching how I cook my pot, Jah Jah
They always say I'm doing the right thing
And behind me they try to su-su-su-su on me
I want to show them that I'm the Rastaman
To make the people know... my culture
So you see, I've got to stand up on my feet
I've got to carry out my work
Every man got a talent, I got my talent
I've got to show them what it is all about
I've got to say... Rastafari

All I can see so many hypocrites
Man and man just fighting against their brother
And if I don't make sure that I'm around the right side
I have to beg Jah for forgiveness
If I cook dumpling Jam-Town gone tell me speak
They always think of me and I don't see them
But one thing more, I've got to control
Excuse me while I smoke my spliff
So you see
You've got a little time to sniff
All I've got is good, good sensi love
To give you baby, it's just that all I see..
I know who else was su-su-su-su on me and me
So many watchy-watchy and peep-peeping
All I have seen so many hypocrites
Everyone should show the way
No man should never watch my business
You shouldn't have do the things to me to see
To see, to see, yeah eh
I know a man could understand

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